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          Welcome: Guangzhou Yakeda Outdoor Travel Products Co., Ltd.
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          ABOUT US

          Guangzhou Yakeda Travel Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with a registered capital of 5 million. After more than 7 years of hard work and development, it has a certain scale and strength. Now it has 800 production management personnel, including 120 professional and technical personnel. With an annual production capacity of 3.9 million pieces, it is a professional manufacturer of military, police supplies, tactics, and outdoor products. It has many years of design, development, and manufacturing experience. The main products are outdoor bags, military bags, daily-use backpacks, tool bags, and tactical vests. , Body armor, tactical accessories series products, etc. Provide relevant equipment products and development services for the army, police, rescue, military academies, and people who love outdoor tourism and tactical sports. The factory has large scale of production, advanced machinery and equipment, superb manufacturing technology, lean assembly line production, produ...

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